Used John Deere 640D Draper Front for Sale - SOLD

This header front has been sold

This current model ‘Hydra float’,  used John Deere harvester front has:

  • low hours (Cutter bar shows very little signs of wear)
  • a new John Deere harvester front frame
  • and will withstand the most rigorous inspection

This has now been sold. 


This John Deere front was damaged after hitting a stump during harvesting operations.  After acquiring the harvester front, we commence repairing the front.

Used John Deere 640D header front for sale

What We Did

We replaced the header frame with

  1. a brand new John Deere frame
  2. a new  Draper carrier deck
  3. all details, paint colour schemes and John Deere decals


This 640D John Deere header front is a very popular model.  At just over half the cost of a brand new John Deere harvester front, this front represents outstanding value to grain farmers and contract harvesters alike.

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