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Macdon D60 Header Front for Sale


This used Macdon header front for sale at Header Front Repairs in Swan Hill.  Also known as a Case 2152, this 40 foot header front can also come with an eight tonne fully rated trailer. Sold separately.

In this video, John Ward from Header Front Repairs in Swan Hill demonstrates the Macdon D60 grain harvester front that was built in 2012 and has only done one seasons work.  It has done a very low amount of hours.

Macdon Header Front for Sale at Swan Hill [HAS BEEN SOLD]

Macdon Header Front for Sale Images

Custom Built – Fully Rated Eight Tonne Header Front Comb Trailer

This used Macdon D60, 40 foot draper front has a custom built, roadworthy, fully rated eight tonne trailer built by the team at the Swan Hill head quarters.

If you are looking for an extremely high value deal on this used CASE 2152 header front, then give John a call directly on his mobile on 0418 525 942.

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