Shelbourne Reynolds Extension to 46 Feet

This English made Shelbourne Reynolds has arrived at Header Front Repairs in Swan Hill with no damage.

The reason for it arriving is the owner wishes to extend the stripper front from 42 feet to 46 feet in order to meet tramline farming needs.

First in Australia

It is our understanding that this extension is the first of its kind undertaken in Australia.

It is not the first time Header Front Repairs has extended header fronts.  Nigel Newbiggen, a contract harvester from near Dubbo had his Macdon extended and you can hear his thoughts on how the result changed his business.

Growing Popularity

The very innovative approach taken by Shelbourne Reynolds to grain harvesting is taking hold in Australia and the brand is beginning to grow in popularity.

John Ward | Owner

About John Ward

John Ward is Managing Director of Header Front Repairs in Swan Hill. He participated in his first grain harvest in 1953. As the #1 Header Front repairer in Australia, his team can repair all makes and models of combine harvester fronts. 

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