John Deere 30 foot 200 Series Tin Front

Damage to Table Auger

This 30 foot tin front from John Deere sustained damage to the centre of the table auger.  

The team replaced the damaged section with stainless steel and refurbished all the moving parts.

The flighting was also worn so they put a stainless steel ribbon from outside to inside to bring it back to original specifications.  

Additionally, a new three millimetre stainless steel floor was added right through the front.

Once it was repainted and reassembled, this machine is back to full working order. 

John Ward | Owner

About John Ward

John Ward is Managing Director of Header Front Repairs in Swan Hill. He participated in his first grain harvest in 1953. As the #1 Header Front repairer in Australia, his team can repair all makes and models of combine harvester fronts. 

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